The first Urasenke International Convention held in Honolulu, USA, July 2001, provided an opportunity for former Midorikai students from all over the world to gather together for the first time. Besides helping Daisosho to celebrate his fifty years of work to spread chado outside of Japan, the students were able to renew acquaintances and meet other alumni. From talks at informal tea gatherings, discussions, and between official meetings and activities, the idea of forming an official Alumni Association was born, and a steering committee was formed to establish the framework and to guide the development of the association.

In 2002, Zabosai Oiemoto and Sen Genshitsu officially approved the establishment of the Midorikai Alumni Association. The organization, entirely managed and funded by volunteers, has as its purpose the carrying out of Daisosho’s motto “Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea,” by organizing former Midorikai students in more than thirty countries. This is accomplished by providing a means for students to maintain contact with each other, to share information, and to provide mutual support for their continuing involvement in the Way of Tea. The Association created an Alumni Homepage which is the cornerstone of its networking activities and works to update the Midorikai database. The association is open to all people who have been enrolled in the Midorikai program, or who have completed short-term study at the Headquarters in Kyoto, including members of the International Chanoyu Institute (ICI).

Former Midorikai students gather in Hawaii for an informal reunion, July 2001.