International Chado Culture Foundation

Tankosha Publishing Co., Ltd.

This publishing company, whose founding president was NAYA Yoshiharu, younger brother of Hounsai SEN Soshitsu XV, and current president is NAYA Yoshito, specializes in Japanese-language periodicals and books related to chado education and chado arts and crafts. It publishes the monthly Tanko magazine, which serves as an important learning tool and information source for Urasenke followers. It also puts out the monthly Nagomi magazine, the Tanko Text series of Urasenke chanoyu textbooks, and many other magazines, books, encyclopedic works, as well as video tapes. The company’s main offices are located a short walking distance from the Urasenke headquarters in Kyoto. It also has offices in Tokyo, nearby the Urasenke Tokyo Branch.

Contact information

Horikawa Kuramaguchi agaru
Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8691
TEL: 075-432-5151
FAX: 075-432-5152