Urasenke Foundation Offices
and Chado Urasenke Tankokai Associations

The first Urasenke chapter outside Japan was established in Hawaii in 1951. After that, chapters and study groups, now known as Tankokai associations, were founded in many major cities around the world. To serve as a direct conduit leading from the grand master and Urasenke headquarters to the respective region, Urasenke Foundation branches and liaison offices, at which official Urasenke resident representatives are stationed, have also been established. This page is designed to guide you to the nearest Chado Urasenke Tankokai association and/or Urasenke Foundation regional office in your region. For Chado Urasenke Tankokai associations with no web link, please contact the Urasenke Tankokai Federation International Affairs Department for assistance.

overseas branch practice area

Urasenke Branches & Liaison Offices

Worldwide Locations

Contact the branch nearest you to connect with Urasenke Tankokai Associations and tea-related events in your area.
  • North America
    • North America Head Office, New York
      • Urasenke New York BranchUrasenke Chanoyu Center
        153 East 69th Street
        New York, NY 10021
        Tel: 212-988-6161
        Fax: 212-517-7594
        Email: ininfo(at)senke.comfo@urasenke"mailto:me@urake.comnewyork.org
    • Canada
      • Urasenke Vancouver Branch 209 Jackson Street
        Coquitlam, British Columbia
        CANADA V3K 4C1
        Tel: 604-939-7749
        Email: krmail(at)senke.comsnyder@shaw."mailto:me@urake.comca
    • United States
      • California
        • Urasenke San Francisco Branch 2143 Powell Street
          San Francisco, CA 94133
          Tel: 415-433-6553
          Fax: 415-421-2109
          Email: contactmail(at)senke.com@"mailto:me@urake.comurasenke.org
      • Hawaii
        • Urasenke Hawaii Branch245 Saratoga Road
          Honolulu, HI 96815
          Tel: 808-923-1057
          Fax: 808-923-3784
          Email: uramail(at)senke.comsenke.hi@g, mailto:me@urake.mail.com
      • Washington D.C.
        • Urasenke Washington D.C. Office
  • Central and South America
    • Brazil
      • Urasenke Brazil Branch Rua Sao Joaquim
        381-4° Andar, Sala 44
        Liberdade, Sao Paulo
        Brazil CEP 01508-001
        Tel/Fax: 11-3271-9159
        Email: ura.s.mail(at)senke.comhaya"mailto:me@urake.com@gmail.com
    • Mexico
      • Urasenke Mexico Branch01900
        Fuego 691
        Col. Jardines del Pedregal
        Mexico D.F., MEXICO
        Tel: 5-5652-5725
        Fax: 5-5652-6386
        Email: mexicocontact(at)senke.com@urasenke."mailto:me@urake.comor.jp
  • Europe
    • France
      • Urasenke Paris BranchFondation Urasenke
        55 Rue Geoffroy-St-Hilaire
        Paris 75005
        Tel/Fax: (0)14-70-71-830
        Email: parmail(at)senke.comis@ura"mailto:me@urake.comsenke.or.jp
    • Germany
      • Urasenke Freiburg Liaison OfficeMooswaldstr. 5
        79279 Vorstetten
        Tel: 7666-88-46-440
        Fax: 7666-88-46-442
        Email: mail@mail(at)senke.comteesiminar."mailto:me@urake.comde
    • Italy
      • Urasenke Rome BranchCentro Urasenke
        Via Giovanni Nicotera 29
        Rome 00195
        Tel/Fax: 06-320-7361
        Email: centrouramail(at)senke.comsenke"mailto:me@urake.com@gmail.com
    • The Netherlands
    • The United Kingdom
      • Urasenke London Branch4 Langton Way
        Blackheath, London SE3 7TL
        Tel: 20-8853-2595
        Fax: 20-4665-3874
        Email: ukmail(at)senke.comchado"mailto:me@urake.com@gmail.com
  • Oceania
    • Australia
      • Urasenke Brisbane Liaison Office23 Ruskin Street
        Brisbane, Queensland 4068
        Tel/Fax: 7-3371-8242
        Email: akikomail(at)senke.comyamada@optusnet."mailto:me@urake.comcom.au
  • Asia
    • China
      • Beijing
        • Urasenke Beijing BranchRoom 507, Office Building, Guangming Hotel
          No. 42, Liangmaqiao Road
          Chaoyang District, Beijing
          CHINA 100125
          Tel/Fax: 10-8441-8439
          Email: beijimail(at)senke.comng@urasenke."mailto:me@urake.comor.jp WeChat Official Account: liqianjia-beijing (Chinese)
      • Dalian
        • Urasenke Dalian BranchBuilding B-3-2 #401
          Yi Da New World, Wusi Road
          Xigang District, Dalian 116011
          Tel/Fax: 411-8369-3800
          Email: mail(at)senke.comdalian@ura"mailto:me@urake.comsenke.or.jp
      • Guangzhou
        • Urasenke Guangzhou BranchGuangdong University of Foreign Studies Email: guangmail(at)senke.comzhou@ura"mailto:me@urake.comsenke.or.jp
      • Tianjin
        • Urasenke Tianjin BranchTianjin University of Commerce
          East Entrance of Jimba Road
          Northern Suburbs of Tianjin
          China 300134
          Tel: 22-2666-2470
          Fax: 22-2665-3281
          Email: tianjinmail(at)senke.com@urasenke."mailto:me@urake.comor.jp
    • Korea
      • Urasenke Seoul BranchHae-Young Building
        7th Floor, Room 702
        53 Yulgok-ro, Jungno-Gu
        Seoul, Korea 110-240
        Tel: 2-739-7438
        Fax: 2-733-9596
        Email: urasenkemail(at)senke.comsel"mailto:me@urake.com@gmail.com

New York Chanoyu Center

Urasenke Tankokai Associations

North America

Acapulco dedication to Tsunenaga Hasekura

Central and South America

Finland Tokuyuan tea room

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  • Egypt
    • Egypt Association