Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai National 2023 Social Meeting of Executives

News & Announcements

On November 15, 2023 (Wed), the National 2023 Social Meeting of Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai Executives took place at the Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto. The approximately 170 participants included Directors, Supervisors, Councilors, Assistant Councilors, and Special Councilors of the Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai General Incorporated Association, as well as Honorary Regional Directors, Regional Directors, Honorary Chapter Presidents, and Chapter Presidents from across Japan.

This annual National Executives’ Social Meeting is convened to provide an opportunity for the Urasenke Head Family and the officers of the regions and chapters nationwide to deepen their friendship and share information.

The meeting began with opening remarks from Daisōshō SEN Genshitsu and Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai President SEN Sōshitsu.

This was followed by reports from the general incorporated association’s General Headquarters.

Next on the agenda was the 19th Chadō Culture Award ceremony. For this, firstly Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai BOD Chairman Mrs. SEN Masako gave an explanation of the selection process and reasons for the award, and then President Sen Sōshitsu presented a Certificate of Commendation and Daisōshō Sen Genshitsu presented a plaque and an accompanying gift.

Chadō Culture Award

◇ Mrs. Jean ARIYOSHI
Mrs. Ariyoshi is the wife of Former Hawaii Governor George ARIYOSHI, the first Japanese-American governor of any state in the U.S.  She is the founder and current advisor of the Yūshinkai women’s chadō group. She has worked to promote the growth of chadō culture in the U.S., mutual understanding between Japan and America, and mutual understanding between Japan and Hawaii. The award was also given in recognition of her efforts to realize numerous kencha-shiki “tea dedications” in Hawaii and other U.S. locations, and to actively create opportunities to transmit the spirit of “Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea,” as advocated by Daisōshō, from Hawaii to the world.

Chadō Culture Contribution Award

◇ Saga Fujimoto-tatami Company
For many years, the proprietor of Saga Fujimoto-tatami Company, Mr. FUJIMOTO Tadashi, has contributed to the spread and development of chadō culture through his manufacture of tatami mats, which are indispensable for sukiya (chashitsu) architecture. The award also recognizes his efforts to train young tatami craftsmen as an instructor at the Kyōto Tatami Technology Institute and a director of the Kyōto Tatami Industry and Commerce Cooperative.

As Mr. Fujimoto was serving as a judge at the Kyōto Tatami Technology Institute’s Tatami Technology Conference on the day of the award ceremony, his wife, Mrs. FUJIMOTO Mariko, attended the ceremony in his place.

Special Achievement Award

◇ The late Dr. TODA Sōan
As a Konnichian gyōtei (deputy tea master) for sixty years, Dr. Toda made efforts to popularize and pass on the Urasenke chadō tradition. He also published many books as a researcher of chadō culture, and the award committee’s high evaluation of his academic contributions to the promotion of chadō culture was the reason for conferring upon him this award.

Dr. Toda Sōan passed away on May 9, 2023, and the award was being presented to him posthumously. His son, Konnichian gyōtei TODA Sōkan, attended the ceremony on his behalf.

Chadō Culture Award

  Mrs. Jean Ariyoshi (right)

Chadō Culture Contribution Award

 Mrs. Fujimoto Mariko

Special Achievement Award

 Konnichian gyōtei Toda Sōkan

Certificate of Appreciation
A certificate of appreciation and a commemorative gift were presented to Mr. HACHIMURA Teruo, Honorary Director of the Tankōkai San’in Region and Honorary President of the Tankōkai Tottori Chapter, who is retiring from the Chadō Culture Award selection committee.

Dialogue “The Seinenbu (Youth Division) Now”
A dialogue was held between Oiemoto and Mr. KANEGASAKI Masanobu (Miyagi Seinenbu), President of the Tankōkai National Seinenbu Committee. Mr. Kanegasaki introduced the current situation and challenges of the Seinenbu as well as future initiatives, and in closing they discussed the need for the Tankōkai chapters to support the Seinenbu.