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Presentation of the Kakufukudate Temae (open content)

Iemoto has made video content available to all vistors to the Urasenke Konnichian website.
In these difficult times, when some tea procedures cannot be executed as they had prior to the spread of COVID-19, Iemoto hopes that viewers, no matter which school they belong to, can use the information provided for reference, and make use of it.

Click here to see the video on Kakufukudate

Iemoto message

Video Messages from Iemoto (member content)

At this time of social restrictions and limitations on gathering with others, Iemoto Sen Soshitsu has decided to reach out by producing a series of video messages to all Urasenke followers.
This eight video series is intended for Urasenke Tankokai members as they continue their training amidst the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

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