Konnichian -- The Urasenke Home
Important Cultural Property and Historical Site
(Not open to the public)

The Urasenke estate is located at Hompojimae-cho, in the Kamigyo ward of Kyoto.
At the center of the compound are Sotan's tearooms, including the Konnichian, Yuin, and Kan'untei. Spreading out to the north from the historical core are tearooms and additions, such as the Rikyu Onsodo (the ancestral shrine to Rikyu) and Totsutotsusai, which were built by later grand masters. The Japanese Government designated the tearooms and garden -- considered to represent the epitome of the rustic, thatched-hut style -- a Historical Site in 1957 and an Important Cultural Property in 1976.

Kabutomon Genkan Mushikiken Kan'untei
Konnichian Yuin Rikyu Onsodo Totsutotsusai
Dairo-no-ma Ume-no-i Ryuseiken Hosensai
Omizuya Tairyuken Yushinken Roji