Zabosai Succeeds as 16th-generation Iemoto

Oath-taking Rite Held in the Rikyu Onsodo

Zabosai Iemoto gives oath within the Rikyu Onsodo.

On December 22, 2002, the ceremony of succession for the new head of Konnichian, the 16th-generation successor of SEN Rikyu in the Urasenke line, Zabosai Soshitsu, took place at Konnichian. His oath-taking rite was held in the Rikyu Onsodo, the hall dedicated to the revered founder of the family and of the chado tradition to which the family is heir.
   Preceding the oath-taking rite, which began at 11:00 A.M., Zabosai performed a ritual tea-offering to the image of Rikyu that is in the altar within the hall, and to the spirits of the family ancestors beginning with Rikyu. Those who would witness the oath-taking then took their seats. They included Hounsai Genshitsu (former iemoto SEN Soshitsu XV); Zabosai's wife, SEN Masako, and their children; IZUMI Soko and his wife; NAYA Sotan and his wife; the iemoto of Omotesenke, SEN Sosa; and the iemoto of Mushanokojisenke, SEN Soshu. Other members of the family, the Konnichian elders and advisors, and the Konnichian deputy tea masters were seated in the Totsutotsusai. The resident abbot of the Sen family's temple, Daitokuji Jukoin, led Zabosai into the hall, and Zabosai, sitting facing the image of the founder, Rikyu, voiced his solemn oath to carry on the Sen family's tradition of tea as SEN Soshitsu XVI, and do his utmost in order that the tradition will continue to prosper.
   Afterwards, in the Totsutotsusai, the attendees drank koicha (thick tea) that Zabosai Iemoto made for them. The ceremony ended with all the witnesses of the oath-taking signing their names in the witness book.

Zabosai Iemoto prepares the koicha in the Totsutotsusai.