Exchange Events Held Affirming the Connections
Between Hawaii University and Doshisha University Chado Clubs

The Chado Club at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) and that at Doshisha University (DU), Kyoto, have deep connections with Urasenke Grand Master XV, Daisosho Genshitsu SEN. Owing to this, members of both clubs came together for various exchange events in Hawaii in late February, 2020.

Welcome Dinner Reception (February 19, Wednesday)
Students from both universities' chado clubs got together at the Prince Waikiki Hotel, Oahu, to attend a dinner reception and get acquainted with each other. Greeting speeches were given by Daisosho, UHM Tea Club President Jordan KANEMITSU, and YAMAMOTO Shintaro, who formerly served as Executive Manager of the DU Chado Club.

Chado Class Experience at the University of Hawaii and lecture by Daisosho (February 20, Thursday)
In the morning, the group of DU chado club students sat in on the UHM's practicum chado class at the Jakuan tea house on the campus.

In the afternoon, they joined with the UHM's chado course students to hear a lecture by Daisosho, entitled "The Spirit of the Way of Tea."

Friendship Exchange Tea Gathering Hosted by the UHM Tea Club (February 22, Saturday)
The DU Chado Club students were guests at the Jakuan for tea hosted by the UHM Tea Club members. This being their first experience of the way of tea being expressed outside Japan, the DU Chado Club students were enthralled by the ingeniously planned local arrangements.

Friendship Exchange Tea Gathering Hosted by the DU Chado Club (February 23, Sunday)
At the Han'yoan tea room within the Urasenke Hawaii Branch quarters near Waikiki, the DU Chado Club students hosted a tea gathering for current and former UHM Tea Club members, using implements they had brought from Japan, and introducing aspects of their club activities in Japan.

UHM Tea Club and DU Chado Club Exchange Project Dinner presented by Daisosho (February 23, Sunday)
Daisosho sponsored a banquet at the Halekulani Hotel that evening. Including the students from both universities, there were approximately 70 attendees. Special guests of honor included UH President David LASSNER, DU Chancellor and Chairman HATTA Eiji, Former Hawaii Governor George ARIYOSHI and his wife, Dean Anderson SUTTON of the UHM's School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Director Lonny CARLILE of the UHM Center for Japanese Studies, and President Dennis OGAWA of the Tankokai Hawaii Association.

Daisosho greets the banquet guestsUH President Lassner gives a speech

Doshisha Chancellor Hatta Former Hawaii Governor Ariyoshi

At the banquet, an agreement was signed between the two chado clubs. Based on their bond thus solidified through this agreement, the two clubs will cooperate in their efforts to spread the culture of chado. It is anticipated that their partnership will enable them to further expand their activities.