SEN Soshitsu XV Appointed as Guest Professor
at Chung-Ang University, Seoul

Urasenke Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV was in the Republic of Korea from October 7-10, 2001, to give a lecture program at Chung-Ang University (known in Japanese as Chuo Daigaku) and receive his appointment as Guest Professor.
   Chung-Ang University this year celebrated the eighty-third year since its founding. Commemorating this, the university's Institute for Cultural Studies of Korea and Japan and Center for Japanese Studies sponsored a symposium on Japanese chado, inviting Dr. Sen to present a lecture and demonstration.
   The program took place on October 8, at the theater within the university's Art Center. After opening remarks by Director CHOO Jong Kil of the Institute for Cultural Studies of Korea and Japan, there were speeches by President PARK Myung-soo and Chairman-Chancellor KIM Hee-su of the university, as well as Japanese Ambassador TERADA Terusuke. They expressed their joy that, despite the long and continuing difficulties in the relationship between Korea and Japan, this day's event to introduce Japanese culture could be realized. Chairman-Chancellor Kim then handed Dr. Sen his certificate of appointment as Guest Professor.
  In his lecture - entitled "Japanese Culture and Chado" - which directly followed, Dr. Sen talked about the history of exchange between Korea and Japan, and stressed the importance of friendship between the two countries. Further, he described how chado was founded upon Buddhist, Confucian, and Daoist ideals which entered Japan via Korea, and that its attitude of sympathetic consideration for others arose from those ideals.
   After the lecture, there was a chado demonstration performed by Konnichian tea master GOTO Sokoku and members of the Urasenke Chado Cultural Exchange Society. Then, Director PARK Jeon Yull of the Center for Japanese Studies presented a paper entitled  "The Aesthetic of Japanese Chado as Revealed in the Nampo Roku."

Chung-Ang University, Seoul

Dr. SEN Soshitsu receives bouquet
    following his special lecture

Tea demonstration