California Konnichikai Group Visits Konnichian

On April 11, 2005, a twelve-member group from the California Konnichikai paid a visit to Konnichian. The Kyoto trip was headed by the association's president, Herbert PLUTSCHOW, who is also president of the Chado Urasenke Tankokai Los Angeles Association and is a professor at UCLA. The group included Dr. Plutschow's wife, Yoshiko PLUTSCHOW; Noritoshi and Fusako KANAI; Wayne and Rieko McMILLAN; Sekinori and Yasuko MISAWA; Hisami and Tamae NOGAKI; and Katsuyoshi and Yasuko OGAWA.
            The California Konnichikai association is composed of men whose wives are Urasenke chado practitioners. It was established in October of 1977, as the So. California Konnichikai. It has now been reestablished as the California Konnichikai, and the recent visit to Konnichian was the first overseas trip realized by the association as such.
            The group received a tour of the tearooms in the Konnichian complex, and was served usucha in the Hosensei tearoom, where Daisosho Hounsai met with them. That evening, Daisosho sponsored a welcome dinner for them at a Japanese restaurant, and the following day the group went to see the Raku Museum and Onishi Seiweimon Museum.

The group, with Daisosho Hounsai,
outside the Konnichian Kabutomon

President and Mrs. Plutschow with Daisosho Hounsai