T.I.H. Prince Takamado Norihito and Princess Hisako
attend "Urasenke 50th Year Abroad" festivities in Hawaii
as special guests

Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV greets the imperial
couple upon their arrival at Honolulu Airport
Their Imperial Highnesses Prince Takamado Norihito and Princess Hisako visited Hawaii from July 15-21, 2001, to participate as special guests in the events celebrating Urasenke's 50th anniversary overseas. Prince Takamado is the youngest son of H.I.H. Prince Mikasa Takahito, brother of the late Showa Emperor. The head Sen family enjoys a special bond with the imperial couple, as Prince Takamado is a brother of SEN Masako, wife of the Urasenke grand master's elder son and heir, SEN Soshi. Upon their arrival at Honolulu Airport on July 15, they were received by a welcoming party including Hawaii Governor Benjamin CAYETANO and wife; former Hawaii governor George R. ARIYOSHI and wife; Japanese Consul-General SHIBUYA Minoru; Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV; SEN Soshi; and Urasenke Hawaii Chapter President Yoshiharu SATOH and wife.
        In connection with the weeklong Urasenke ceremonies, the first event which the imperial couple attended was the July 17 Grand Opening of the "Tea Artistry of the Urasenke Grand Master" exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. The paramount event was the sacred tea-offering ceremony at Iolani Palace on July 20, at which the Prince and Princess represented the Japanese Imperial Family. They also visited the commemorative tea gatherings, and were the guests of honor at the Urasenke Hawaii Chapter's 50th Anniversary banquet, the grand commemorative ceremony of the convention, and the celebration banquet hosted by the Grand Master and his family