Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV Teaches at University of Hawaii

On February 7 and 12, 2002, Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV, Ph.D., in his capacity as professor in the history department at the University of Hawaii (UH), delivered two special lectures for students enrolled in the credit course, "The Way of Tea in Japanese History and Culture." This course, currently taught by professor Paul H. VARLEY (Soshitsu Sen XV Chair), has been offered by the UH history department since 1978, and is the oldest university credit course on chado in the world. Since it was initiated, Dr. Sen has annually made a special trip to Hawaii to present special intensive lectures to the class.
   His lecture the first day took up such issues as the Chinese religious influences that contributed to the early development of the Way of Tea, and how these tie in with the affinity towards nature and pursuit of aestheticism which are basic features of the Way of Tea. He then explained about the historical setting in Japan during the period when the Way of Tea became fully developed. He ended by saying that the Japanese must understand their own culture in order to be confident members of international society, and for this they should understand the Way of Tea and absorb its spiritual ideals of Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility.