4th East Asia Tea Culture Symposium &
4th Panel Discussion on Culture and Peace in East Asia

As commemorative events for the centennial of the University of Hawai'i (UH), the 4th East Asia Tea Culture Symposium and 4th Panel Discussion on Culture and Peace in East Asia took place in Hawai'i, at the East-West Center Keoni Auditorium located on the Manoa campus of the UH, on November 3 and 4, 2007, respectively. The speakers and panelists included scholars and other eminent figures not only from China, Korea, and Japan, but also of the USA, and the attendees included approximately sixty Urasenke chado followers from Japan and the USA mainland. The Urasenke International Association (UIA) 2007 Study Trip Abroad consisted in attending these events in Hawai'i, and thus, members of the UIA formed the majority of the attendees from Japan. Director Robert HUEY of the UH Center for Japanese Studies was master of ceremonies both days, and on the symposium day, UH Manoa Chancellor Virginia HINSHAW presented a welcoming address.

4th East Asia Tea Culture Symposium

Keynote address: SEN Genshitsu
Presentation of papers, as follows:
Wayne FARRIS (Soshitsu Sen XV Distinguished Professor of Traditional Japanese Culture
      and History, UH at Manoa) -- "One Man's Approach to the Study of Tea and the
      Japanese Tea Ceremony"
MIYAGI Tokumasa (President, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts) -- "Okinawan Pottery"
LI Xiao (Assistant Dean, Business School, China University of Science and Law) --
      "Court Tea Ceremony during the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) Dynasties"
Herbert PLUTCHOW (Professor, Josai International University, Japan) -- "A Ritual
      Approach to the Study of Chanoyu"
PARK Jeon-Yull (Director, Institute for Korean and Japanese Culture, Chung-Ang
      University, Korea) -- "Lecturing on Japan's Tea Culture in the Tearoom; Lessons to be
      Taught and Learned"
KURASAWA Yukihiro (Professor, Takarazuka University of Art and Design, Japan) --
      "Reflections on the Philosophy of Wabicha"

4th Panel Discussion on Culture and Peace in East Asia

Keynote address: Paul VARLEY (Emeritus Soshitsu Sen XV Distinguished Professor of
      Traditional Japanese Culture and History, UH at Manoa) -- "Japanese Culture and
      Changing World Views of Japan"
Special address: Kent CALDER (Director, Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian
      Studies, Johns Hopkins University, USA) -- "Moving Beyond the Broken Dialogue:
      Asia's Role and a New Form of Diplomacy. Why is Cultural Diplomacy so Important in
      Today's World?"
Special speech: HUH Moon-Doh (Chairman, World Peace and Food Forum)
Panel discussion moderator: KIM Yong-Woon (Chairman, Korea-Japan Cultural
      Exchange Council).
Panelists: SEN Genshitsu; CHEN Shiqiu (Council Member, United Nations Association of
      China); and HUH Moon-Doh

On November 5, Urasenke teachers and students in Hawai'i welcomed everyone to tea at the Jakuan tea house on the UH campus, the Seikoan tea room at the Japanese Culture Center, and the Han'yoan tea room at the Urasenke Hawai'i Branch.