7th Urasenke North America Intensive Chado Seminar
October 26 – October 29
October 26-29, 2018, an Intensive Chado Seminar will be held at the Urasenke Chanoyu Center, New York, by Gyotei (Konnichian Deputy Tea Masters) and instructors sent by the Urasenke Head House. The seminar will take the form of the seminars held at the Head House, but will be organized into three study courses, for the different levels of students. See the qualifications (kyojo requirements) shown hereunder for the respective courses, and choose the course depending on your level and what you wish to study. All the courses will emphasize the basics. Classes will be conducted in five separate groups comprised of five students each.
         Members interested in attending this seminar should send their application to the Urasenke North America Head Office by Sunday, August 5, 2018. If the number of applicants exceeds the enrollment maximum, they will be selected by lottery. Each applicant will be notified of acceptance or otherwise as soon as possible.
General Information
Date:October 26 (Fri) through 29 (Mon), total 4 days
Eligibility:Membership in a Tankokai Association in the U.S. or Canada, and at least nyumon kyojo certification
Enrollment: Maximum, 25 people
Venue:Urasenke Chanoyu Center, New York
Teachers:2 Gyotei from the Head House (Kyoto), and Resident Tea Instructors (Tankokai Visiting Chado Instructors) from the Urasenke Branches in the U.S. and Canada
Content:Choice of Elementary Course, Intermediate Course, or Upper Course
1. Elementary Course (open to those of any kyojo level)
         hakobidemae, tanademae, ryurei, shichijishiki

2. Intermediate Course (For those at or above the konarai kyojo level)
         hakobidemae, konarai, ryurei, shichijishiki

3. Upper Course (For those at or above the shikaden kyojo level)
         hakobidemae, konarai, shikaden, ryurei, shichijishiki

Notes: Everyone will do warigeiko together on the opening day. All the relevant sumidemae shall be included as specific temae for study. Except on the opening day, each student will receive temae/sumidemae coaching once a day, on average.

7th Urasenke North America Intensive Chado Seminar
* In each course, sumidemae will be studied at some point between October 26 and 29. Depending upon the number of applicants for the respective courses, the above-listed course content may change somewhat.
Download the Intensive Seminar Application Form.

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