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Rikyu Onsodo
"Shrine of the Honorable Ancestor, Rikyu"

During the time of Gengensai, the Rikyu Onsodo Shrine was restored with funds donated by Lord KUJO Hisatada, and the wooden statue of Rikyu that had originally stood in the gate of Daitokuji temple was transferred here. A plaque written by Lord Kujo with the name Seijakuin, "Sanctuary of Tranquility," hangs above the door.
      Inside the shrine, the life-size statue of Rikyu stands behind a large round window at the back of an alcove. In front are a statue of Sotan in the seated position and a low altar table.
      The main portion of the room comprises three tatami. A sunken hearth (ro) is cut in the board inset which separates the host's and guests' tatami. Senso's suspended shelf, called the Hamaguri-dana, "clam-shaped shelf," is at the far end of the host's tatami. There is also a two-tatami anteroom which is used only on New Year's Day and for traditional family rituals.