Konnichian — The Urasenke Home
Important Cultural Property and Historical Site
(Not open to the public)

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Kabutomon "Helmet Gate"

Turning onto the quaint Ogawa lane from Teranouchi street and proceeding north, one comes to a distinctive bark-roofed gate with sleeve-walls extending to both sides. This is the entrance gate to the Urasenke estate. On one side of the gate stands a stele indicating that the property is a historical site, SEN Sotan's estate, Konnichian.
      The gate, thoroughly imbued with a wabi feeling, was built during the Tempo era (1830-44) by Gengensai, the eleventh generation grand master. Seen from the garden side, the slightly curved sides and an arch-shaped cutout give the roof the appearance of a samurai helmet, hence the name Kabutomon, "helmet gate."
      A few steps inside the gate, a walkway of small paving stones, leading to the main entrance, angles off to the right through clipped hedges on both sides. As one proceeds down the walkway surrounded by dewy moss and luxuriant foliage, a servants' waiting bench is seen on the left, and one of the wells for the front garden, on the right.