Konnichian Short-term Concentrated Study Course

         At the opening ceremony.          A lecture period.

To provide direct training for Urasenke chado practitioners who have been licensed to teach Urasenke chado, short-term concentrated study courses are held at Konnichian under the auspices of the Grand Master. These courses, called "koshukai" in Japanese, have a long tradition at Urasenke. Formerly, they were held twice a year, in the summer and winter, and were limited to highly advanced practitioners. However, due to the increasing demand for such courses, and for extra guidance focusing on the fundamental procedures in the Urasenke curriculum, spring and autumn sessions are now also being offered. These new sessions, for practitioners who have at least achieved the Hikitsugi qualification (the earliest teaching license), place emphasis on the fundamentals. The spring (March) session focuses on the basic tea procedures called the konarai and the procedures called the shikaden (including the special variations). The autumn (October) session is mainly dedicated to study and practice of the Kagetsu training exercises.

The Konnichian short-term concentrated study courses consist of an intense schedule of seated meditation, lectures, and active practice under the guidance of the Grand Master and Konnichian deputy tea masters, the highest Urasenke chado authorities. In that the courses provide one of the most exceptional short-term learning opportunities offered at Konnichian, the heart and home of Urasenke chado, applications arrive from dedicated, qualified practitioners from all parts of Japan. Qualified practitioners who reside in other parts of the world are also accepted.

2003 Autumn Short-term Concentrated Study Course