SEN Genshitsu Appointed as Advisor for the Chinese Academy of Arts

                                SEN Genshitsu with Executive Vice President WANG
                                Wenzhang of the Chinese Academy of Arts.

SEN (Soshitsu XV) Genshitsu was appointed as advisor for the Chinese Academy of Arts, becoming the first person ever to hold this position. The academy belongs to the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and is the most authoritative and comprehensive organization dedicated to art research and education in China. The position of advisor is on a par with that of the academy's vice president. The appointment recognized the great work of SEN Genshitsu to spread understanding of Japanese culture and chado in China, and the necessity of studying about chado in order to understand Japanese culture. The appointment ceremony, at which SEN Genshitsu was handed his official certificate of appointment, took place on March 3, 2003, at the academy's headquarters in Beijing. There were approximately 100 attendees, including a number of press representatives. In his acceptance speech, he stated that he would assist in the academy's research of Japanese culture, and that he wants to establish a department for the study of the forms of tea around the world, including Japan's chado.

         At the appointment ceremony.          Chinese Academy of Arts, Beijing.