Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV is Special Speaker at
Japan-ROK Foreign Cultural Arts Exchange Festival, Osaka

On May 6, 2002, during the so-called Golden Week filled with national holidays, Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV was special speaker at the Foreign Cultural Arts Exchange Festival held at the International House, Osaka. The Festival, sponsored by the Executive Committee for Foreign Cultural Arts Exchange and co-sponsored by Urasenke, was a commemorative event for the Year of Japan-ROK National Exchange in 2002 organized as a means to further develop the friendship bonds between Japan and the Republic of Korea on the occasion of this year's historic FIFA World Cup Soccer Championship Games co-sponsored by the two nations. Approximately 1,300 people came to hear Grand Master Sen's talk, which was entitled "Cha no Kokoro" (The Tea Spirit), and to attend the other activities on the Festival program. Among the attendees were representatives from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Osaka, Urasenke Tankokai members living in the Kinki Region, as well as many members of the Korean community and regular Japanese citizens. In his talk, Grand Master Sen stressed the importance of exchange between Japan and the ROK. In closing, he urged that everyone join in the spirit that "mankind is one" and together create a big tide of Peace.
   At the Festival, there were also demonstrations of the Japanese Way of Tea sponsored by Urasenke, and demonstrations of the Korai (Korean) Way of Tea.

The International House, Osaka Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV
receives a sweet welcome

The packed auditorium Demonstration of the Korai Way of Tea