Wakasosho SEN Soshi Gives Lecture
at WACS 30th World Congress

Wakasosho SEN Soshi presented one of the two "Japanese special lectures" featured at the 30th World Congress of the World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS) held at the Kyoto International Conference Hall from March 24-28, 2002. Approximately 350 chefs and others in the field of cooking, representing 35 countries, participated in this Congress. Wakasosho's 60-minute lecture took place in the afternoon of March 27, and was entitled "Motenashi no kokoro" (The Heart of Hospitality: The Art and Spirit of Being a Good Host). Simultaneous interpretation was available in English, German, French, and Spanish. Albeit it was during the school Spring break, throughout the afternoon students and staff of the Urasenke Midorikai program for non-Japanese served sweets and usucha tea to those who stopped by in the room reserved for this. The cherry blossoms were just coming into bloom, and the sweets that they served were the timely hana-mi dango "flower-viewing" sweets selected by Wakasosho.

350 partipants from 35 countries Tea service by students and staff of
the Urasenke Midorikai program