Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV Receives Honorary Doctorate from Kokushikan University

In recognition of his marked contributions to Japanese culture and the realization of world peace through his half century of work to propagate chado internationally, as well as his widespread accomplishments toward the education of youths, Kokushikan University (Tokyo, Japan) presented Grand Master SEN Soshitsu XV with an Honorary Doctorate. The presentation ceremony took place on April 1, 2002, at the Chiba Maihama NK Hall.
   From April, 2002, Kokushikan University launched its new "School of Asia 21." As Asia inevitably comes to hold more global presence as a community of nations in the 21st century, it will become more important than ever for its people to have mutual cultural understanding and respect. One of the main aims of the "School of Asia 21" is to foster this knowledge and attitude among the young generation, who will be the leaders and movers of the 21st century. Among the classes offered in the field of Comprehensive Communication, there are a number which focus on specific traditional arts of Japan. One of these is a class on Urasenke chado, which Dr. Sen will help to instruct.

  Kokushikan University President MIURA Nobuyuki presents
  Dr. Sen with Honorary Doctorate certificate

Dr. Sen delivers speech at the presentation ceremony