2020 Konnichian Tokyo Hatsugama-shiki

Following the Urasenke head family's Reiwa 2 (2020) Hatsugama-shiki held over the six days of January 7-12 at Konnichian, Kyoto, the family held its Tokyo Hatsugama-shiki at the Urasenke Tokyo Dojo, located in the Kaga-cho neighborhood block of Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, over the four days of January 16-19.

The Tokyo Dojo's "Totsutotsusai" was the main room, and just like the alcove in the main room at the Kyoto Hatsugama-shiki, its alcove featured the family's heirloom scroll of auspicious poem by Emperor Ogimachi; an Akebono ("Dawn") camellia and sprig of Uguisukagura ("Bush Warbler's Sacred Music and Dance") honey-suckle in the family's heirloom replica of Rikyu's Hashinobo bamboo flower container bearing the cipher of Senso Soshitsu; the traditional New Year's musubiyanagi (looped willow branches); and a Shinto bell instrument set on a raised Kasugadai tray.

Entering the room for the first seating on the first day, which began at 9:30 A.M., were Japan's Liberal Democratic Party's Former Deputy President TAKAMURA Masahiko and his wife; Japan's Former Prime Minister KAN Naoto; Japan's Minister of Justice MORI Masako, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare KATO Katsunobu, and Minister in Charge of Special Affairs of the Cabinet Office TAKEMOTO Naokazu; ISHIHARA Shingo of the Japanese Diet's House of Representatives; SEKO Hironari of the Diet's House of Councillors; and other members of both houses of the Japanese Diet, as well as members of the Urasenke Konnichan board of elders, and others.

Iemoto SEN Soshitsu prepared koicha (matcha of thick consistency) in the felicitous "Fuku Roku Ju" three-piece set of stackable tea bowls, and his son, SEN Takafumi, conveyed the first bowl to the first guest. As the guests to share this first bowl each successively partook of the koicha, Iemoto's nephews, IZUMI Soyo and IZUMI Reijiro, as well as other men of the family, brought in the other bowls of koicha, and all the guests shared in partaking of the first koicha of the year.

After that, Daisosho SEN Genshitsu and the other men of the family entered the room together to express their New Year's greetings.

The Shoho-no-ma room at the Tokyo Dojo was where Mesdames SEN Masako and IZUMI Hiromi and other ladies of the Urasenke head family received the guests for festive foods and sake. On the 2nd floor of the Tokyo Dojo, there was also a venue where the guests could enjoy usucha (matcha tea of relatively thin consistency), which was prepared using implements specially arranged for this New Year's chanoyu occasion.

There were approximately 510 guests on the first day, including members of the Japanese Diet, important figures from the government, financial, and cultural sectors, foreign ambassadors and ministers, Buddhist and Shinto figures, Urasenke chado teachers, and others. With the many guests cheerily expressing their felicitations as they passed each other coming and going to the Hatsugama-shiki, the atmosphere around the Tokyo Dojo resonated with New Year's joy.

The Urasenke head family's Reiwa 2 (2020) Hatsugama-shiki held in Kyoto