Former News

January, 2004 -- December, 2004

Urasenke Tankokai Latin America Convention in Mexico (September, 2004)

Iemoto SEN Soshitsu XVI Serves Tea to Top Leaders at Japan-ROK Summit Meeting in Ibusuki (December, 2004)

Urasenke Sponsors East Asian Tea Symposium and Panel Discussion in Tianjin, China (October, 2004)

32nd Urasenke Hawaii Seminar (July, 2004)

SEN Genshitsu in Finland (June, 2004)

Urasenke Brazil 50th Anniversary

Announcement  Urasenke Tankokai Latin America Convention

2004 New Year's Tea Celebration (January, 2004)

January, 2003 -- December, 2003

Urasenke Tankokai Sydney Association Celebrates 30th Anniversary (September, 2003)

SEN Genshitsu Makes Trip to Vietnam and Has Interview with President Tran Duc LUANG (September, 2003)

Finland Minister of Transport and Communications Leena LUHTANEN Visits Konnichian (October, 2003)

13th Chado Urasenke Tankokai Seinenbu National Convention (September, 2003)

31st Urasenke Hawaii Seminar (July, 2003)

SEN Genshitsu in the Austrian Capital to Introduce Chado (June, 2003)

Heian Shrine (Kyoto) and Meiji Shrine (Tokyo) Sacred Tea Offerings
Solemnizing the Succession of the 16th-generation Urasenke Iemoto (May, 2003)

Memorial for 300th Anniversary of the Death of Fukyusai Joso Soshitsu (May, 2003)

SEN Genshitsu in San Francisco for Asian Art Museum Teahouse
Inauguration, Public Lecture, and Lecture at Stanford University (April, 2003)

Konnichian Short-term Concentrated Study Course
2003 Autumn Short-term Concentrated Study Course

Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Solomon PASSY Visits Konnichian (March, 2003)

Former Grand Master SEN Genshitsu Appointed as Advisor for the Chinese Academy of Arts (March, 2003)

Tankokai 101st National General Meeting (February, 2003)

Chado Culture Awards (February, 2003)

Formal Obit and Parting Service Held for IZUMI Soko Masakazu (February, 2003)

OBITUARY - IZUMI Soko Masakazu (February, 2003)

2003 Hatsugama-shiki (New Year's Tea Celebration) at Urasenke (January, 2003)